German for kids 1 lesson

Would you like to know how learning German works? How to begin at level A1, which grammar needs to be learnt and how exercises might german for kids 1 lesson like?

Then try this free online German lesson! Here you find 12 German lessons. You can click on any lesson below to download it and study for free. We recommand 1-to-1 lessons to improve your German speaking and listening.

How it works In 12 successive lessons, selected topics from level A1 serve as examples for the contents which need to be covered in a German language course for beginners. After a brief introduction of the respective grammar, appropriate examples and exercises of various kinds follow in each lesson. For clearer understanding of the grammar part, as well as the tasks, and practice sentences, the lessons are set up bilingually, in German and English. If you are looking for the meaning of an individual word, you can look it up in the glossary.

There you will find a collection of the used vocabulary in alphabetical order, with the corresponding English translation. The solutions to the respective exercises are always at the end of each lesson. Thus, you can correct yourself and see if you have understood the grammar or where you still have some problems. Therefore, the learning material available here provides an insight into the contents and training methods, but cannot replace a real German language course. Get a taste of what it`s like to learn German and have fun!

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