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Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718057185. Garbage Pail Kids is a series of trading cards produced by the Topps Company, originally released in 1985 and designed to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which were popular at the time. Two versions of each card were produced, with variations featuring the same artwork but a different character name denoted by an “a” german for kids with scratch online “b” letter after the card number.

United States, with various sets released in other countries. Two large-format card editions were also released, as well as a set of fold-out posters. The series was the brainchild of Topps consultant and Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman who came up with the product idea after the success of his earlier creations, Garbage Candy and Wacky Packages. A smaller-sized card format was released in Australia and New Zealand. Each pack contained three stickers and the “peel here” arrow pointed to the top left area since there was no die-cut scoring. The commercial success of the trading cards led to the production of a live-action movie, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, in 1987. During the height of the card series’ popularity, Garbage Pail Kids were banned in many schools.

One of the main reasons for the ban was that teachers cited them as distractions during class. Topps was sued by the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids, Coleco, for trademark infringement. ANS1 was largely made up of artwork intended for release in the 1980s, but 2004’s ANS2 featured brand new concepts. In 2005, Topps celebrated the 20th anniversary of the GPK franchise with special “Sketch Card” original art inserts for its ANS4 set.

January 2008 saw the release of ANS7 which expanded the base set to 55 new characters and was the last set to feature new artwork until 2010’s Flashback Series 1 subset of six previously unpublished kids. 10 “Where are They Now” cards showing classic GPKs drawn as they would appear today. 10 “Adam Mania” cards showing variants of Adam Bomb’s iconic mushroom cloud, plus parallels of the base and Adam Mania sets. GPK Flashback Series 3 followed on November 2, 2011, with 65 OS reprints, four “lost” kids, 10 “WatN? 3D cards, 10 Adam Mania cards, artist sketches, and parallels. Topps recently released a book that showcases the first five series. The cover depicts a pack from the very first series released back in 1985.

Each card is displayed with the “a” name and the “b” name on the bottom corner of the page. This section does not cite any sources. The set was released on October 24, 2012. BNS1 features 55 new GPK characters, a reality TV subset, motion cards, mix ‘n’ match stickers, parallels, artist sketch cards, and code cards redeemable for a chance to be painted as a GPK in the next BNS. In October 2013, Topps re-released original series 1 as a metallic chromium set containing all 41 kids plus 14 previously unpublished characters. On July 30, 2014, Topps re-released 1985’s original series 2 set plus 13 returning characters from series 2 characters that have been reimagined in previous garbage pail kid sets as chromium cards. Chrome cards are thicker than the original cards and are not stickers.