German shepherd dog description of breed for children

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This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. Large heavy set dog standing in front of trees. Colour Any solid colour, piebald or spotted colour, except black and silver. Because the dog breed was registered by the USR, the FCI standard of this breed indicates that its origin is the USSR. However, the breed is native to countries of the Caucasus region including Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

This section does not cite any sources. Caucasian shepherd dogs are strongly boned, muscular, and even-tempered molossers. Plain dogs have a shorter coat and appear taller as they are more lightly built. Mountain dog types have a heavier coat and are more muscularly built. Some dogs may have health issues in the form of hip dysplasia, obesity and occasional heart problems, but the majority of these dogs are healthy if taken care of correctly. Good dog breeders use genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the chances of diseases in the puppies. The ears of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog are traditionally cropped, although some modern dogs are unaltered, as many people believe that this practice is unethical and cruel.

If brought up by someone with extensive knowledge on the needs of a Caucasian Shepherd Dog, the chances of health problems should lower dramatically. Exercise and play time are a crucial part of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog’s life to help prevent obesity. Outdoor activities such as hiking, chasing balls and retrieving flying discs can be a good outlet of releasing energy. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs require very specific and detailed training. 9 months the obedience of the dog has already been formed. Puppy school has been described as a bad option for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

They do not tolerate other dogs very well and get out of control easily. This can be difficult to manage even if they are still young. It is important to expose the dog to extensive amounts of socialization to teach it that not all humans are enemies, starting this routine from a young age could be helpful. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are not recommended to be adopted into families with young children because of their guardian instinct and powerful bodies. The American Kennel Club include the breed in the working group.