Goats parenting

Learn how to house and fence your goats on goats parenting small farm. Goats, whether raised for meat or milk, need basic protection from the elements: snow, wind, rain, heat.

A hoop house can provide enough shelter for goats. And during the grazing season, trees or windbreaks, a three-sided shed, or a pole barn with just a roof may be enough for your goats. Just keeping them out of drafts is enough. Inside the building, you can use livestock panels to divide the space into separate pens for each group of does and kids. If you’re creating goat housing, consider where you will store feed, straw or other bedding, and other goat-related equipment. Also leave space for feeders and waterers, which will keep things cleaner and prevent wasting of feed. All animals should be able to eat or drink at one time.

If your goats will have access to a lot of woods, pasture, and other range areas, you will need 10 to 15 square feet per goat indoors for sleeping space. Each adult goat needs at least a 4-foot by 5-foot kidding pen, so consider this space in your goat shelter depending on how many does you will breed at one time. You can have different does kid at different times in the same pen if you clean and sanitize the pen between kiddings. Fencing for goats needs to be secure, not just to keep them in, but to keep predators – foxes, bears, dogs, coyotes, and more – out. Temporary fencing is meant to keep bucks away from does and weaned kids from does. This can be poly tape or wire, electric netting, or high-tensile electric wire.