Great ideas for kids lunch boxes

4 is about as attention-grabbing as they come. Brown bagging it should be fun! Your kids will love great ideas for kids lunch boxes new cute carriers that were also top performers when tested by our Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself wanting to “borrow” their new bag.

It’s super spacious, comes with a long strap for easy carrying, and is available in 10 fun colors. The fun animal exterior of this insulated backpack makes it even more lovable. The interior is a smooth plastic, so it’s easy to hand-clean. This Disney-inspired lunch bag will thrill Frozen fans. The stretchable tote is spacious to accommodate all kinds of lunchtime yummies and the large straps make it easy to carry.

The Solvetta Flatbox is a soft-sided lunch bag with a comfortable handle on top. Thermos’s Superman Dual Compartment lunch box is here to save the day. It’s got two separate zippered compartments for easy storage, plus a padded handle that will be comfortable for little hands to grip. The Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote from Built is super lightweight, plus the polyester and neoprene material is flexible enough to fold up for storage after lunch. Careful when liquids are inside, though, as this bag leaked in our testing. The Bentology lunch bag set is a great pick for kids who like to customize their lunch.

The separate plastic containers mean your child can have a little taste of everything. It’s got an extra pocket inside and out, and a handle that unbuckles so you can clip it to a book bag. This soft-sided plastic Avengers lunch bag is super easy to open and close and it couldn’t have a nicer price. Chill it in the freezer and you can skip the icepacks. The exterior has an extra pouch for utensils or snacks and a cloth buckle for hands-free carrying. This retro-cute carrier comes in 25 patterns and was one of the only candidates that didn’t leak in our testing!

The Planet Box Shuttle lunch carrier comes in a fun space shuttle design. The set includes the stainless steel lunchbox, a cylindrical container for sauces, decorative magnets for the top of the box, and a colorful carrying case. Built’s Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote lays perfectly flat and the polyester and neoprene walls are flexible enough to fold up for storage after lunch. One tip: Its small size makes it best for younger kids’ lunches or as a carrying case for snacks.