Great lunches for toddlers

Great lunches for toddlers don’t like to give her anything too heavy so that she is too full for dinner and I also like to make sure she gets a decent serving or veg or fruit with her lunch most days. If you too are stuck for ideas for toddler friendly lunches, this list might help. 99p, so click here to find out more. We try and include something carb-y like crackers, rice cakes, crisp breads or bread sticks.

We also have cheese cubes, bits of cut up ham and things for dipping like tomato sauce or cream cheese. Boiled, scrambled, poached or however you like them served with toast soldiers is always a winner. Simply dip slices of bread into beaten egg on both sides and fry in a frying pan with a little butter until golden. You can add almost anything to an omellete: cheese, ham, mushrooms, bacon, peppers, tomato etc.

I also like saving a few leftover boiled potatoes and frying them with some chopped onion before pouring over mixed eggs to make a Spanish omelette. Sweet or savoury, pancakes make a nice and easy lunch for little ones. Try sweet pancakes with a grated apple or pear added to the batter before cooking. Or savoury pancakes filled with beans and cheese. OK this is an obvious one but I can’t do a lunch post without mentioning the humble sandwich.

Vary your sandwiches with different type of rolls or wraps and try lots of different filling. Include whatever veggies your child will eat. You don’t need a posh machine to make toasties at home. Then fry in a hot frying pan until golden and your filling is melted. Beans on toast are my husband absolute favourite lunch, and our toddler loves it too and will happily wolf down a bowl of beans with soliders to dip in.

We also like cheese on toast and tinned tomatoes on toast. This is my staple lunch when I really want to pile some veggies into my little one! Homemade soups are super easy to make. You can even make soups such as this leek and potato soup, in your slow cooker. Check out my recipe for making pasties with your leftovers.