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Follow the grechko Bogdanov German language for children for more information. 1 Vladimir was killed in the fighting during the Battle of Stalingrad.

Mikoyan became an early convert to the Bolshevik cause. He was a strong supporter of Stalin during the immediate post-Lenin years. During Stalin’s rule, Mikoyan held several high governmental posts, including that of Minister of Foreign Trade. By the end of Stalin’s rule, Mikoyan began to lose favour with him, and in 1949, Mikoyan lost his long-standing post of minister of foreign trade. Mikoyan made several key trips to communist Cuba and to the United States, acquiring an important stature on the international diplomatic scene, especially with his skill in exercising soft power to further Soviet interests. In 1964 Khrushchev was forced to step down in a coup that brought Brezhnev to power. At the age of twenty, he formed a workers’ soviet in Echmiadzin.

After the February 1917 revolution that toppled the Tsarist government, Mikoyan and other Bolsheviks fought against anti-Bolshevik elements in the Caucasus. As People’s Commissar for External and Internal Trade from 1926, he imported ideas from the West, such as the manufacture of canned goods. Mikoyan spearheaded a project to produce a home cookbook, which would encourage a return to the domestic kitchen. 1939, and the 1952 edition sold 2.

Mikoyan helped initiate the production of ice cream in the USSR and kept the quality of ice cream under his own personal control until he was dismissed. Stalin made a joke about this, stating, “You, Anastas, care more about ice cream, than about communism. In the late 1930s Stalin embarked upon the Great Purge, a series of campaigns of political repression and persecution in the Soviet Union orchestrated against members of the Communist Party, as well as the peasantry and unaffiliated persons. Mikoyan is also credited for his large role in the 1941 relocation of Soviet industry from the threatened eastern cities such as Moscow and Leningrad, westward to the Urals, Western Siberia, the Volga region, and other safer zones.

Beria believed he would be of better use in government administration. Shortly before his death in 1953, Stalin considered launching a new purge against Mikoyan, Vyacheslav Molotov, and several other Party leaders. Mikoyan and others gradually began to fall out of favor and, in one instance, were accused of plotting against Stalin. In 1956 Mikoyan helped Khrushchev organize the Secret Speech, which Khrushchev delivered to the 20th Party Congress, that denounced Stalin’s personality cult. He backed Khrushchev because of his strong support for de-Stalinization and his belief that a triumph by the plotters might have given way to purges similar to the ones in the 1930s. Mikoyan talking to Wilhelm Pieck in East Berlin, East Germany, 1954. In October 1956 Mikoyan was sent to the People’s Republic of Hungary to gather information on the developing crisis caused by the revolution against the communist government there.