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With Columbia Journalism School’s Teacher Project. This Florida Teenager Knows What Ahmed Mohamed Is Going Through. It Happened group of teenager Her in 2013.

Two years before Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his suburban Dallas high school, Kiera Wilmot, then 16, brought a science-fair experiment to her school in Bartow, Florida. Though there were no injuries or property damage, administrators at Bartow High School contacted the police, who arrested Wilmot and led the 11th-grader, an honor student with no history of disciplinary problems, off in handcuffs. Wilmot, who is black, was suspended for 10 days and recommended for expulsion. She was also charged with two felonies, though—after great public outcry—these charges were later dropped and her record expunged.

After completing her junior year at an alternative high school for troubled kids, Wilmot returned to Bartow High School, which is 60 percent white, her senior year and graduated on time. I spoke with Wilmot—now 19 and a sophomore at Florida Polytechnic University majoring in mechanical engineering—this morning about Mohamed’s predicament. How could this happen to somebody else? Does she have any advice for Mohamed, now the most famous 14-year-old MIT aspirant in the country? He can show everyone he can’t be brought down by what happened and make something good of this.

Like, say, the invitation Mohamed received from President Obama to attend Astronomy Night on the South Lawn of the White House next month? Laura Moser writes about education for Slate’s Schooled blog. A teenager was the victim of a horrific gang-rape after she was ordered into a car and taken to a house where she was brutally attacked. The 18-year-old had been walking through a busy residential area when two black cars pulled up alongside her. The driver of one of the cars then threatened her and told her to get into the car. She was then driven to an unknown address where police believe she was raped. Today, detectives are hunting four Asian men, all aged in their late twenties, who were thought to be behind the vicious sex attack.

The woman, also Asian, was grabbed as she reached the junction of Mirador Crescent and Maple Crescent in Slough, Berkshire. A black car, possibly a Vauxhall Corsa or Astra, and a black Range Rover with tinted windows pulled out of Maple Crescent and then followed the victim before the driver of the smaller car threatened her. The investigation is at an early stage and we have yet to establish the address where the assault took place,’ said Detective Constable Tim Lloyd. We are keen to hear from any witnesses who saw the vehicles in the area at the time.