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You can change the location at any time. CLEVELAND, Ohio – Kid Rock may have admitted last fall that his brief campaign to represent his home state of Michigan in the U. Senate was a publicity stunt, but you wouldn’t know it from the expletive-laden political message guitar kid school of rock included in his concert at Quicken Loans Arena Saturday night.

He then immediately returned to offer a brief stump speech, complete with a podium bearing his name and a background with his 2018 Senate campaign logo. Kid Rock announced that Senate bid in the summer of 2017, only to backtrack a few months later. A website selling campaign merchandise, however, is still active. He recited a few conservative platitudes Saturday, railing against welfare queens, a supposed redistribution of wealth, and athletes who kneel during the national anthem. At times, however, he struck a more compassionate and conciliatory tone. The Michigan-born musician spoke of mothers who have multiple children¬†despite living off the¬†government dime, inspiring a smattering of boos from a packed house, but immediately added, “Let’s find them childcare, get them job training, get them to work. The rocker also blasted hate groups like neo-Nazis and the KKK, whose visibility has risen in the past year.

Given his past comments, it was hard to tell how seriously to take any of it. The vast majority of his Saturday night show, however, was the kind of rock concert fans have come to expect from the Detroit-bred performer known for blending country, hip-hop, and hard rock. The show begin with a song whose title is unprintable on this site, and Kid Rock treated fans to some of his most popular tunes as the concert wore on. He drew largely from his early catalog, including hits like “Devil Without A Cause” and “Only God Knows Why,” but also sprinkling his set with more recent editions like “All Summer Long. He pulled songs from all of his various styles, rapping for the crowd at one point, and serenading them with a country-rock tune just minutes later. A segment in the middle of the show seemed designed to showcase his versatility, as he moved from drum set to guitar to DJ board to piano in the span of just a few minutes.