Gypsy songs for children in Russian language

He was not present at the birth of his three older ‘traveller’ children, and Tony Giles wasn’t keen gypsy songs for children in Russian language changing his ways. It’s not what we travellers do,’ the cage fighter said in last night’s episode of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, adding that ‘it is a woman thing. But Tony’s ‘gorger’ girlfriend Danielle Mason put her foot down, insisting that her man be there when she gave birth.

They’ve called me a tart but they don’t even know me,’ she said. They’re stabbing themselves in the foot because if they don’t know me there’s no way my child is going to see them. Referring to her relationship, she added: ‘We’re strong, we love each other so people will have to get over it. But Danielle found that life with a traveller can be challenging. I’m eight months pregnant and he’s got me doing the Hoovering,’ she complained. I feel really sorry for traveller wives. Danielle and Tony are not engaged, but have revealed their plans to tie the knot down the road.

She has since given birth to their son Rudy, and while Tony made good on his promise to be there at the birth, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Depsite being a cage fighter, Tony found even the sight of Danielle’s waters breaking a little too much for his stomach. But after the ordeal was over, the proud father said he was glad he’d witnessed the birth of his fourth child, and said that he wished he’d been there for the births of his older children. I’m not just a cage fighter, I’m not just a pretty face, I’m a full trained dad,’ he said, as he chips in with the nappy changing. But their domestic bliss is short lived, and Tony and Danielle separate briefly just four months after Rudy’s birth. They reunited in time for the christening though, which sees both the gypsy and ‘gorger’ families socialise together. Speaking on Lorraine yesterday, Danielle revealed that her famous sister Jessie is yet to meet her nephew, now six months old.

Asked if Jessie would be present at the ceremony if Danielle marries Tony, she replied: ‘Well we’re both quite busy. We just have sister rows like sisters do, but she’s more than welcome to come obviously! Danielle made the admission on ITV morning show Lorraine yesterday, as she and Tony appeared on the programme to promote their appearance on last night’s episode. Tony said he would not propose to his girlfriend unless she gives up glamour modelling. He said: ‘She has to keep her kit on, and then she can have the ring. Tony also spoke about his gypsy beliefs, and how he believes travellers should bring their traditions into the 21st century. He added: ‘I try to be traditional – I love everything about gypsies and what they believe in but as I say, it’s 2012 and it is time for us to come up to the times now.