Hands on activities for preschoolers

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Circle Time Activities and Ideas for Preschoolers Almost all early childhood child care and preschool programs have at least one circle time in their daily schedule. Your circle time should reflect the needs and interests of the children in your care. Take a look at the circle time ideas presented below for inspiration. Make sure you have a defined space that you use each day for circle time. Give each preschooler a specific spot to sit with enough space that they do not have to touch one another. Carpet squares work well for this.

CHECK OUT THE ONLINE CLASS GATHER ‘ROUND FOR CIRCLE TIME! Follow the same basic schedule each day for circle time. That way the children know what to expect as well as what is expected of them. Choose activities that work for your class.

Each group will be different, so you may have to adapt. Some children love singing songs while others would much rather listen to a story. Songs for Preschoolers During Circle Time 1,2 You know what to do. Lets see how quiet we can be!