Hands on activity for preschoolers

My name is Ana Lomba and I am originally from Madrid, Spain. I have been teaching preschool Spanish to young children since 1999 when I founded my first Spanish preschool immersion program in Princeton, New Jersey. Although I am a highly educated teacher and native Spanish speaker, my first steps in teaching Hands on activity for preschoolers to young kids was a total failure!

Today I am a Parents’ Choice Award-winning author of several books and resources in Spanish, French and Chinese for young children. I lead workshops nationally for teachers and for parents, and help several language organizations to help promote early language education in the USA. It is so rewarding to see the thrill young children get from learning Spanish! And I’m passionate about helping other teachers, like you, to get the most out of it too. Learning Spanish is Easy for Preschoolers!

Preschool is the perfect age to learn language. Young children find it easy to learn languages. It’s what young kids do naturally. Their brains are wired to do it. And, with the right kind of help, they LOVE it too! But Teaching Spanish to Preschoolers is HARD! Most of us who really want to teach Spanish preschool simply don’t have the education and resources we need to help those kids learn to their full potential!