Hard jokes to get

If you have ever told, emailed, or otherwise communicated to me a music joke, thank you. The hard jokes to get just looks smaller because the violinist’s head is so much bigger.

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle? A fiddle is fun to listen to. Why are viola jokes so short? His wife replies, “I’d rather have you play me like a harmonica!

Jacques Thibault, the violinist, was once handed an autograph book by a fan while in the greenroom after a concert. There’s not much room on this page,” he said. Another violinist, standing by, offered the following helpful hint: “Write your repertoire. Haven’t I seen your face before? You have, Your Honor,” the man answered hopefully. I gave your son violin lessons last winter.

Sell it and buy a violin. How many string bass players does it take to change a light bulb? How do you make a double bass sound in tune? Chop it up and make it into a xylophone. How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb? He picked up his instrument and bow, and turned his attention to the conductor. The conductor asked, “Would you like a moment to tune?

The bass player replied with some surprise, “Why? Isn’t it the same as last year? At a rehearsal, the conductor stops and shouts to the bass section: “You are out of tune. The first bassist pulls all his strings, says, “Our tuning is correct: all the strings are equally tight.