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I have many readers who are gluten free for one reason or another, either they have an intolerance or another member of their family does and one thing that is really hard to find is a gluten free bread which qualifies as a healthy extra, not to mention that usually the ones that do are pretty expensive. Well you will pleased to know I have this great recipe for you here that using oats and so is pretty inexpensive and easy to make and is just 1 HEb per serving, it does have a very teeny syn value from the baking powder and soda, but as the bread serves 3 people, those syns are negligible when portioned out. I use my awesome new Ninja Duo Blender with Auto IQ technology that you can see below. It is a super clever blender that features intelligent programs that combine pulsing and blending patterns, meaning no having to guess how long to pulse or blend etc. I blend the oats for this using the Nutri Ninja Cup.

Firstly let me say this isn’t going to be like normal whole wheat bread, but it really is like Irish Soda bread, so would be great with soups, casseroles etc, even eggs  for breakfast. I got 9 slices from the loaf, so that is 3 slices for a HEb serving, they are not huge slices, the loaf is pretty small, but it is really filling, so those 3 slices are actually pretty decent. I even tested this Gluten Free Soda Bread toasted, and it turned out fine, so you could add a little cheese to the top to make a open sandwich melt. Of course for this to truly be gluten free, you must make sure the oats you use are gluten free verified.

If it doesn’t state clearly on the bag that they are gluten free, the chances are that they are not. Looking for some recipes to serve this gluten free soda bread with? I hope this Gluten Free Soda Bread recipe will help some of you with gluten intolerances as I know how difficult it can be to find certain things on Slimming World when you are limited for choice. Let me know what you think of this recipe if you try it out. Add in yoghurt and eggs and mix till combined. The baking powder and soda, have a small syn value, but when divided up into 3 servings, those syns are negligible so I haven’t counted them. All images and content on Slimming Eats are copyright protected.

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