Helena lyrics

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Click “Correct” to open the “Correction form”. There you can add structure tags, correct typos or add missing words. Send your correction and get karma points! Result of your work will appear after moderating. The single has become a moderately-selling hit, both in the you. Way said in an interview with Channel the band got influences for Helena from the song “Aces High” by Iron Maiden and tracks by The Ventures. This song is about gerard and mikey way’s grandmother who died during the making of the band’s second cd “three cheers for sweet revenge”.

Gerard and mikey were both very attached to their grandmother. Despite Gerard and Mikey’s Grandmother’s name is Elena, the song dedicated to her is called “Helena”. This song is so sad, but romantic I’m almost cry to listening cause it is so sad when they said can you hear me? Can we pretend to leave and then. We’ll meet again, when both our cars collide?