Homecoming the teenagers

You can change the location at any time. Eleven years ago, in 2005, Salvador Homecoming the teenagers and Yesenia Carmolinga were elected homecoming king and queen at Hillsboro High. This year, the school discontinued its tradition of having a homecoming court and electing a king and queen.

At the urging of some student leaders,¬†Hillsboro High has ceased its tradition of choosing a homecoming court, king and queen, the district communication director confirmed Wednesday. A majority of students elected to the school’s student government succeeded in getting the administration to end the nomination of a homecoming court and the election of a king and queen, senior class treasurer Christian Duran said. According to district communications chief Beth Graser, that decision was made on the grounds that a popularity contest that elevates a small number of students was not the best way to unite the whole school community. Duran, by contrast, said the main case for doing away with the court, made by senior class president Jennifer Mendez and student government adviser Sarah Cole, was that the titles of king and queen were too restrictive for students whose gender identity might be more fluid than fits the titles of king and queen. Duran said opposition from students and families who experienced loss at the ballot box when students chose past kings and queens also played a role. He said the elected student government members considered the issue for perhaps 20 minutes in early September then voted approximately 30-20 in favor of ending the court and royalty.