Houses for drawing children

The Children Act 1989 houses for drawing children Significant Harm as the threshold that justifies compulsory intervention in family life in the best interests of children. Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Neglect are all categories of Significant Harm. Harm is defined as the ill treatment or impairment of health and development.

There are no absolute criteria on which to rely when judging what constitutes significant harm. Sometimes a single violent episode may constitute significant harm but more often it is an accumulation of significant events, both acute and longstanding, which interrupt, damage or change the child’s development. A key concept in adult safeguarding work is ‘Significant Harm’. The impact of harm upon a person will be individual and depend upon each person’s circumstances and the severity, degree and impact or affect of this upon that person. The concept of Significant Harm is therefore relative to each individual concerned.

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