How many letters in the alphabets

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Numerous Cyrillic alphabets are based on the Cyrillic script. Sounds are transcribed in the IPA. Non-Slavic alphabets are generally modelled after Russian, but often bear striking differences, particularly when adapted for Caucasian languages. In Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, the use of Cyrillic to write local languages has often been a politically controversial issue since the collapse of the Soviet Union, as it evokes the era of Soviet rule and Russification.

Roman letters, the Cyrillic script is usually adapted by the creation of entirely new letter shapes. Bulgarian and Bosnian Sephardim without Hebrew typefaces occasionally printed Judeo-Spanish in Cyrillic. The following table lists the Cyrillic letters which are used in the alphabets of most of the national languages which use a Cyrillic alphabet. Exceptions and additions for particular languages are noted below. South Slavic languages, such as Serbian, share common features such as Ј. In the pre-reform Russian orthography, in Old Russian and in Old Church Slavonic the letter is called yer.

The Soft Sign also indicates that a consonant before another consonant or at the end of a word is palatalized. I or decimal I, resembles the Latin letter I. Unlike Russian and Ukrainian, “И” is not used. It looks like He with an “upturn” pointing up from the right side of the top bar. This letter was not officially used in Soviet Ukraine in 1933—1990, so it may be missing from older Cyrillic fonts.