How to help your child in Russian language

This lesson is a vocabulary lesson to help you learn a number of Russian words that you will use almost every day while you are in Russia. Many how to help your child in Russian language these words you will already know from previous lessons.

Visit the vocabulary page to see the words in list form. The examples included in this lesson are quite advanced. You will not understand all of the grammar, there are some concepts that you have not been taught. The main thing is to learn the 100 words in this lesson. From this lesson and onwards we will use more complex examples to help you passively learn more Russian vocabulary. You are not expected to memorise all the new Russian words.

И’ is preceded by comma when it is used as a conjuction to join phrases with different subjects. Here are some examples of it in use. The Moscow Kremlin and Red Square. Дети сели на ковер и начали играть. The children sat down on the carpet and began playing. Он прыгнул в реку и быстро поплыл к острову.