How to instill in your child a love of mathematics

Coloring pages not only make them think creatively, they also learn how to color a page properly without scribbling. Proper guidance how to instill in your child a love of mathematics you can also improve their motor skills like eye and hand coordination.

Coloring pages can broaden their horizon of knowledge and nurture their creative thinking. Halloween or Hallowe’en is also known as All Saint’s Eve or All Hallow’s Eve. This annual celebration takes place on 31st October and it is mostly celebrated by Western Christians, but now Halloween has become a global phenomenon. This Christianized festival of Halloween has pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic Samhain. The main attraction of the Halloween festival is the sumptuous feast and carving pumpkins and turning them into scary looking Jack o’ Lantern. In fact, this carved pumpkin is the logo of this Christian feast. There are Halloween costume parties, apple bobbing, lighting bonfires, horror story sessions, and haunted house visits to make the festival even more interesting.

Playing pranks make the festival even more joyous. Here are some interesting Halloween coloring pages to make your child understand what this festival is all about. Hello Kitty Coloring Pages:Hello Kitty’s full name is Kitty White, she is a fictional character produced by a Japanese company named Sanrio, and was designed by Yuko Shimizu. Kitty is a Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.

Kitty’s first appearance on a vinyl coin purse was introduced in Japan in 1974 and this character was introduced in United States in 1976. Hello Kitty is a symbol of popular culture in Japan and Hello Kitty merchandise makes huge profit in the market. Little girls and teenagers love Hello Kitty so much that they want kitty almost everywhere, starting from school bag to baubles. Kitty also has a twin sister named Mimmy White, who wears a yellow bow on her head. Both Kitty and Mimmy live with their parents in a huge house.

Your little one will be able to associate with little kitty, and will coloring this adorable character. Make sure your child colors the right bows to distinguish between Kitty and Mimmy. Let your child’s creativity fly sky high as she colors these Cute Hello Kitty Coloring Pages. Easter Coloring Pages:Easter also called Pasch or Resurrection Sunday is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as described in the New Testament, it occurred three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans in Calvary.

During the Lent, Christians all over the world fast and pray. Last Supper and foot washing, and Good Friday which marks the death of Jesus Christ. In Western Christianity, the Eastertide or Easter Season, starts on Easter Sunday and lasts till seven weeks, and ends on Pentecost Sunday. In Orthodox Christianity, the Easter or Pasch begins on Pasch and ends with the Feast of Ascension. The main attractions for children are Easter egg hunting and decorating the Easter egg with poster colors. Sometimes Easter eggs contain chocolates and candies. The bakeries and confectionaries make Easter delicacies like cakes, puddings and fondant Easter eggs.

Your child will love coloring these Easter coloring pages with Easter eggs and Easter bunny. These coloring pages will give him an idea about why Easter is celebrated and all the customs or rituals followed during Easter. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages:Thanksgiving is not complete without digging into roast turkey, served along with Yorkshire pudding, isn’t it? Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in United States and Canada, as a day of expressing gratitude for a good harvest of the preceding year. It is usually celebrated on fourth Thursday of November in the United Sates and second Monday of October in Canada.

There is a grand feast on the Thanksgiving Day and it is a time when family gets together. There is a small prayer before the feast starts to show gratitude to the Almighty for providing all the good things in life, this small prayer is referred to as Grace. Once the prayer is over and the amen is said, people jump for the food! Thanksgiving is a best way to strengthen family bonds and teach your child the importance of respect and affection. Coloring the Thanksgiving pages will teach your child to be thankful and happy with whatever he has got, rather than craving for more!

This festival has a moral lesson, never take things you have got for granted and always be thankful for what you have got. Coloring the pages is a fun way to learn about this popular Thanksgiving festival. Disney Coloring Pages:Disney was founded on October 16, 1923, by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and it became the leader of the animation industry before diversifying into film production, television shows and theme parks. The most well-known cartoon character created by Disney is Mickey Mouse, which became the official mascot of Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to get a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Other than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons, Disney studios have produced many classic fairy tales.