How to teach a child to write beautifully video tutorial

Originally, pieces of mica were used as the how to teach a child to write beautifully video tutorial, but later, thin blown-glass pieces were broken and used. Today, small mirrors are commercially available for shisha embroidery. If you use these, make sure to file the edges first so the mirrors aren’t sharp. I like using paillettes, those large sequins with a tiny hole in the side.

They’re extremely lightweight, not sharp at all, and readily available in many colors. I also think it would be really neat to use coins from around the world in shisha embroidery. I’ve recently gotten really into playing with embroidery, and I decided to at the very least do this one tutorial to share my love of the art form with you all. Secure your fabric in the hoop tightly. Thread your needle and knot the end of your floss. Place your shisha on the fabric, and secure it with a crossing of foundation stitches. Now, you could leave it at that, and decorate around it.