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The question mark is used http en wikipedia org wiki ampersand a separator, and is not part of the query string. Web frameworks may provide methods for parsing multiple parameters in the query string, separated by some delimiter.

The exact structure of the query string is not standardised. Methods used to parse the query string may differ between websites. A link in a web page may have a URL that contains a query string. One of the original uses was to contain the content of an HTML form, also known as web form. The query string is composed of a series of field-value pairs. URLs embedded in HTML and not generated by a . This convention is a W3C recommendation.

The form content is only encoded in the URL’s query string when the form submission method is GET. The same encoding is used by default when the submission method is POST, but the result is submitted as the HTTP request body rather than being included in a modified URL. The query string is composed of a series of arguments by parsing the text into words at the spaces. A program receiving a query string can ignore part or all of it. If the requested URL corresponds to a file and not to a program, the whole query string is ignored. For this to work, every time the user downloads a page, a unique identifier must be chosen and added as a query string to the URLs of all links the page contains. This way, the download of this page is linked with the previous one.