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Please forward this error screen to 64. This is an idea I came up with for a friend of mine for a very particular situation. He was performing a trick with mis-pipped cards. We’ll say it was Michael Skinner’s 3 Card Monte. It wasn’t, but we’ll say it was so you can follow along. The actual trick isn’t one you know because it’s his own effect.

His concern was this, he had found that in workshopping this trick that if he was to put the cards away right after the effect, people would become suspicious about the cards. Typically, the course of action magicians seem to take is that you should put the gimmicked items away and then move onto another trick. They’ve convinced themselves that this is going to fool people. Outside of a formal show there’s no real reason to rush along to another effect and hide everything you just used other than that they’re suspect.

I think it’s a bit of a puss move. No one likes getting busted on a trick, I get that. Even if you don’t have your ego wrapped up too much in the performance, it’s still a waste of an effect and of people’s time. So my friend had a performance for an important individual for whom he wanted to make a strong impression. He had this trick he wanted to perform and he didn’t want to come off as the scared magician, immediately putting the deck away after a trick.

You could say, just don’t do that trick. But he really wanted to do that trick. Imagine this from the spectator’s perspective. You have this person over your house who you know performs magic. At some point you ask to see a trick.