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Review this important sheet of school bus rules, and provide each student with a copy to take home and review with their parents. Three songs to sing about the first three letters of the alphabet. Will I have access to other Printables categories and grade levels with my subscription? 15,000 award winning Teaching Resources organized by subject, skill, and theme.

What are the subjects and grade levels covered by Scholastic Printables? Scholastic Printables offers resources for grades Pre K to 8th. Subjects are geared specifically towards the level of the students to help reinforce and expand on what they learned in the classroom. Creativity, Hobbies, Child Development, Sports and Technology. Can I access the Printables from any computer? Accounts can be accessed from any computer, at school or at home so you always have your favorites at hand. Can Scholastic Printables be used for home schooling?

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My Family My family and my home are great preschool theme ideas to begin the year with. This lesson plan unit is a natural continuation to ‘All About Me Theme’. Following the philosophy of teaching the children based on their interests and drawing on ideas from their natural environment, you’ll be able to easily integrate these ‘My Family’ preschool lesson plans into all areas of your classroom. We all belong to a family. There are different types of families. Families are there for each other.

What are the different types of families? How do I feel about my family? How do I show my feelings? What are things families do together?

What is my role in the family? How Many People Are in Your Family? Using people shaped manipulative count how many people are in the child’s family. Some families are 2 people, some are more. Have the children color in the number of squares that is equal to the number of family members in their family.

Create a word wall with family words such as: mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather and so on. Write the child’s family name on a paper strip and help them recognize the letters in their family name. Ask each family to send in a photo of their immediate family. You can either create a poster or have the pictures displayed all around the classroom.

Turn the creative center into a home with this popular doll house with furniture. Have family puppets available for your puppet theater. Working on developing the children’s pencil grip, have them draw a family portrait. Take the time to interview each child about their drawing. Add paper bags, brick paper and roof paper for the children to create their home as well as people shape stickers. Put out Lego to build homes and cities with.

Large size blocks and a road carpet. Leave me a comment in the box below. Over the years I have collected a number of preschool lesson plan templates. At the beginning of each school year I take the time to revise and improve them. Preschool lesson plans are based on individual teaching styles, personalities and needs. One lesson plan format that works well for me might not work well for someone else.

I alternate between five different pre-K lesson plan formats. Each one serves a specific need and helps me achieve my goals for the children. Fill out this short form below and you will receive my templates directly to your e-mail in a few minutes. Each lesson plan template is in PDF format, is easy to use and you have my permission to make photocopies as long as you keep the copyrights information on each lesson plan page. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.