If the baby is seven months is the development of a five-month

Come seven months and your baby is ready to move onto his next developmental milestone. Your bundle of joy is no longer exclusively breastfed, makes adorable babbling sounds, and crawls around for short distances like an explorer. Interacting with him is a greater joy than ever before. To make the interaction more interesting, you may want to introduce games and if the baby is seven months is the development of a five-month for your baby to nurture his development and skill progression.

We present you these activities with their benefits, and some tips to raise your baby. Knowing milestones helps in understanding if your baby’s development is on the right track. You can identify key growth factors and raise an alarm if the growth is halted. Eats pureed solid food: This is when he eats a lot of pureed solid food that his taste buds would have started enjoying.

You still breastfeed him, but he now has wider options of nutrition than ever before due to his ability to eat other food. This is a milestone because it is an indicator of a developed digestive system. Makes babbling sounds: He experiments with those vocal cords and tries making different sounds. He may be at his loudest, and the pitch might really tear through the roof at times, but hey, isn’t that babbling adorable? The process does not happen overnight and begins with basic crawling on the tummy.