Images for drawing with plasticine for kids to print

Find a book to delight a child. I was aiming for my top 50 picture books, but 50 felt a little too restrictive and is not divisible by 12. While I could simply share my Top 60 list with you today, I thought it would be more helpful and exciting to reveal five not-to-be-missed picture books images for drawing with plasticine for kids to print the first of each of the 12 months of the year.

Madame Louise Bodot received a boa constrictor in the mail. She named the boa constrictor Crictor, and it became her pet. A story of sibling rivalry that feels authentic, with a satisfying good ending. The big red lollipop on the front cover does not hurt this book’s chances of appealing to kids. The heart-wrenching tale of a donkey who discovers a magic red pebble and unwittlingly turns into a rock. An energetic, imaginative tale that only David Wiesner has the artistic skills to pull off. Todd Parr’s colorful, bold illustrations are great for babies and toddlers, while his humor and messages entertain older children.