Impasta joke

You cannot put a price on a good sense of humor! It is probably the best things you can give to your kid, the power to laugh in the face of adversity, and ease any anxieties. The ability to find the funny side in impasta joke is a rare and priceless gift. And, Jokes go a long way, in not just developing your kid’s sense of humor, but also helping you bond as a family.

So, switch off that TV, grab some pizza and let the jokes roll on! Here are some clean, silly and funny jokes for kids. Have your pick and fill your home with laughter! Funny And Silly Jokes For Kids1. Sleep deprivation can make a person do crazy things!

Q: Why did the man run around his bed? A: Because he was trying to catch up on his sleep! Q: Which hand is it better to write with? A: Neither, it’s best to write with a pen! He should find a good place to hide from all the kids looking to murder him! Q: Why did the math book look so sad?

A: Because it had so many problems! What is Mickey Mouse without his beloved Pluto? No wonder he can move the heavens and Earth to search for him. Q: Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip into space?

A: He wanted to find Pluto! If only education was so easy! Q: Why did the boy bring a ladder to school? A: He wanted to go to high school. Q: Which flower talks the most? A: Tulips, of course, because they have two lips! A great joke for tech-savvy kids, this one, will draw a few laughs for sure.