Individual swimming lessons for children

We don’t charge you to call us! We use a customer friendly low cost phone number which is included in your mobile minutes. Our teachers have all had years of swimming and teaching experience, and one thing we individual swimming lessons for children agree on is that one to one lessons improve a child’s swimming faster than large group lessons. We prefer to be in the pool with your child to help them improve and only work on the things that apply directly to your child as an individual.

With 1-2-1 lesssons we can treat your child as an individual and tailor lessons to suit them and give the greatest improvements. This method along with our experienced cherry-picked swimming teachers has made us the leading children’s learn to swim and swimming improvement service in the UK. Kids of all ages love swimming and we’d love to help them learn to swim or improve their technique. Get in touch with us today! Emily is 13 years old and was frighten of water.

We are so so grateful as a family of the confidence Fiona has given Emily who is very conferdent in the water. Alana and Anaya had their first lesson today and so impressed am I with Hiroki, I thought I would feed back. Both the girls are very shy and today they were also frightened. My son and I have been going along to weekly group and latterly, 1:1, swimming lessons with various providers for probably 4 years now. Although my eight-year old son has only recently started having lessons with John Bird, I’m already very impressed by his progress. John is absolutely fantastic with children. Grace has had 5 lessons with Amelia, and absolutely loved them.

Term time Grace has group lessons at David Lloyd, in which her friend was moving up to level 2, leaving Grace behind at level 1. My son is now 10 and we have been to swimming lessons since water babies. My son Ollie was very scared of the water and was not interested in learning to swim. Since he has started with Johnny his confidence has increased and he is nearly swimming unaided. I just wanted to say how great John M is. He has helped my son Maxwell no end. John has really helped him to swim with confidence and all the while making it fun.

Lessons for everyone no matter what your age or ability. Parent And Baby Classes Parent and Baby swim classes involve lots of play to help the children learn. We also use submersion techniques to help the children feel confident in the water. Children can start from just 6 weeks old. We also offer Aqua Sensory from 6 months up. Small Group Swimming Lessons We offer small group swimming lessons for children, with no more than five children in a group you are assured that your child receives the individual attention important to develop their swimming skills.