Instant math for kids

Mathematics is commonly called Math in the US and Maths instant math for kids the UK. We Just Published Our First Book! Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?

Well, today I’ll go with numbers since we could never do this silly cheer without them. Number crafts for kids are great for teaching your little one the many of the early steps to basic learning and math. At its simplest, it is a fun way to encourage memorization, but then you can also move on easily to early counting and simple addition as well. It is especially fun when you can make ties between number crafts and holidays. I used to have my little ones separate their Halloween candy into different piles based on type of candy and then count how much they have of each and put the piles in order from least to greatest. She just thought we were having silly fun, but we got some great learning in there and then she ate some treats for getting the counting right. Draw a scoreboard on the sidewalk with a piece of chalk and write in numbers from 1 to 25.

Draw a “Toss Line” ten feet away. To play the game, toss small aluminum foil pie tins from the Toss Line to the numbers on the scoreboard for points. Young Kids – Here’s a fun game to learn counting this Easter. Button in the Numbers Box – This is a fun game that includes lots of numbersget the button on the best numbers. Toss The Ring on the Highest Number Game Making – You can make this into a fun math game if you want toit is a toss the ring on the best number game.

Toy Spinning Hands Clock – Write the numbers on the lid of an ice cream container and make turning hands to learn how to tell time. Making a Numbered Velcro Bullseye Game – Learn about numbers and adding your scores up with a velcro Bullseye game. The cards refresh on the screen with random numbers. Be sure to check back for BINGO cards for holidays too! Take this idea for a spin.

Learn numbers through this fun fishing craft. How to Fold a Six Piece Lotus Flower Instructional Video – Learn how to make a lotus flower out of six separate sheets of paper. In this activity, children will write numbers on apples, and then show their understanding of the number’s value by putting the corresponding number of seeds on each apple. They will enjoy learning about time while playing with the finished product. He has nothing up his sleeves! It’s also a good project for practicing making patterns. Plastic Bead Numbers : Suncatcher Crafts Activities – Catch the autumn sun with these plastic bead numbers.