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Please forward this error screen to 67. The movie consists of four stories: “Tarot”, Nineteenth Century, Terror italian dialogues for kids Christians “and” Dance “. All the stories revolve around a theme, “terror through history. Julian Igarte, Marta May and Romy star in this excellent Spanish anthology horror film.

In Spanish with English subs, letterboxed print. Extremely rare Giallo with Paul Naschy, Jack Taylor, Paty Shephard, and Jose Maria Parada, directed by Javier Aquirre! The attractive widow of a wealthy lawyer reunites in her luxurious house the thirteen best friends of her late husband, with the purpose of finding out if her husband’s killer is one of them. A family of nobles in Carrozza travel in a forest in which, in the same moment, a satanic cult completes human sacrifices made up of young girls.

The ritual gives new life to the buried dead around the forest and forces the travelers to kill or be killed. During the fight with the zombies they end up in an old abandoned castle. In Spanish with English subs, beautiful upgrade of the Paul Naschy film released here as THE DEVIL POSSESSED. Naschy stars as the evil Baron Gilles De Lancré, who oppresses the people and uses black magic and bloody rituals to stay in power. Lots of MARK OF THE DEVIL type torture scenes. Sleazy and violent devil worshipping horror film from Mexico!

A group of sadists buy themselves some weed, rob a shitty bar, shoot everyone up and then go on to beat an old lady and set her and her grandson on fire. Clearly this cannot stand, so cue the supernatural vengeance. Companion film to THE KILLER IS STILL AMONG US, based on a true story of the Italian serial killer who terrorized Florence. The killer here enjoys slaying couples that make love inside cars. This retelling of a popular legend, based on a radio drama scripted by Juan Carlos Chiappe, was tremendously popular throughout Argentina when it was released in 1974.