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IJzeren voetring voor gevangenen transparent background. This definition is substantially wider than the same document’s definition of “trafficking in persons”. Children may also be trafficked for the purpose of adoption. Though statistics regarding the magnitude of child trafficking are difficult to obtain, the International Labour Organization estimates that 1. 2 million children are trafficked each year.

The main international documents dealing with the trafficking of children are the 1989 U. Convention on the Rights of the Child, the 1999 I. Many international, regional, and national instruments deal with the trafficking of children. These instruments are used to define what legally constitutes trafficking of children, such that appropriate legal action can be taken against those who engage in and promote this practice. These legal instruments are called by a variety of terms, including conventions, protocols, memorandums, joint actions, recommendations, and declarations. These legal instruments were developed by the United Nations in an effort to protect international human rights and, more specifically, children’s rights. The trafficking of children often involves both labor and migration.