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Please forward this error screen jordan shoes for toddlers cheap 185. Hay 1 artículo en su carrito. Para buscar un artículo, por favor, indique su nombre en el siguiente campo. Toddlers instinctively play with other young children of the same ethnicity, according to a study.

And children interacting with a contemporary of a different race adjust their behaviour to match their playmate’s, scientists claim. Researcher Nadine Girouard, of Concordia University in Montreal, said: ‘We found Asian-Canadian and French-Canadian children seemed to prefer interacting with kids of the same ethnic background. Both groups were more interactive with children of the same ethnicity and, when matched with kids from another background, preferred solitary play. Scientists visited six nurseries In Montreal and observed the behaviour of 30 second-generation Asian-Canadians and 30 French-Canadians. The children were paired with peers they had known for at least three months. French-Canadian children used longer sentences when interacting with same-ethnic peers, yet decreased their verbal interactions when playing with Asian-Canadian peers, the scientists found.