Kd 6 texas footlocker

This series is compounded by special technology with polysiloxane as its base component, mixing with high conducting stuffing paste as medium for heat transfer, with excellent heat conduction and electric insulation, as well as with resistance to high and low temperature, and moistening properties when used to copper or aluminum surface. TV and cooling fin, semiconductor refrigeration etc. Clean the surface and remove oil, apply the grease to the clean surface with brush, scrape or painting oil. Applying a thin layer gives best results kd 6 texas footlocker spread evenly on the surface.

Oven applying the product will not increase its effectiveness. Avoid skin and eye contact with using this product, in case of contacting skin, please wipe clean and rinse thoroughly with water. In case of contacting with eyes, rinse with a lot of water immediately and go to your nearest hospital for further care. Please use the product in a well ventilated area. Stored in a cool and dry place. Handled and shipped fall under general chemical products. The above information is based on our extensive experiments, results are reliable.

However, because practical application is varied, we can’t control the application condition, users need to confirm whether the product is suitable by testing before mass production. Our company aren’t responsible for any direct, indirect or accidental loss when the products are used in specific condition. This series are RTV potting silicone rubber, two components type, with low viscosity and good flowing property, flow quickly and surface is smooth. Deep curing is fast, alcohol molecules are released during curing process, won’t corrode the materials such as copper wires, after curing the performance of resistance to cold and hot cycle and outdoor anti-aging is excellent, good adhesion to most of electronic parts. Potting to LED lamp modules of display screens, washing wall lamps, project lamps, underground lamps, underwater lamps also potting and protection to common electronic components and circuit boards.