Keep the lies up lyrics

Please forward this error screen to 109. Lyrically, Lies is definitely the darkest song we’ve ever written,” says Tom Fletcher, who shares vocals on the track with Danny Jones. It’s about a real bitch of keep the lies up lyrics girl who is out for herself and doesn’t care who she uses to get what she wants.

We did have a girl in mind when we wrote it, but really it’s an amalgam of several girls we have met along the way. We hope she burns in hell at the end. A real good time tune then! 4, it sold 26,071 on the UK Singles Chart in its first week on sale. Lies” has received a Platinum sales status certification for sales of over 170,000 copies in the Brazil. Now That’s What I Call Music!

The full music video is just over 6 minutes long, and received its premiere on Channel 4’s teen strand, T4 on 23 August 2008, and Brazil its premiere on MTV Brasil on 7 October 2008. The video, directed by the duo Chris Hopewell and Ben Foley. The music video takes place in an apocalyptic world where water is scarce and therefore a source of power. The opening monologue of the video. Now We have only the memories, of a green and pleasant land that lies below the countless fathoms. The lifeless seas, filthy and reeking, crept up on mankind, inch by inch. Slowly his clever water powered world ground to a halt.