Kid learning to read

You kid learning to read teach your parents and teachers about being smart with their money. There are some great lesson plans for each one of these games that they can read!

Just visit the Grown Ups page for download links. My friend Toki has been teaching us financial lessons that her rich dad taught her! Click on one of the games and learn how to be smart with your money. Copyright 2010 The Rich Dad Company. DISCLAIMER: In the interest of a safe, educational online experience. Notice to Copyright Agency under part VB of the Act.

For details of the CAL licence for educational institutions contact: Copyright Agency. Crown or in reliance on one of the fair dealing exceptions i. In this section, kids will learn to read with more complex phonic decoding. Double syllable words and punctuations are introduced. Suitable for Kindergarteners to further enhance their reading skills. The King And The Ring Read how the king got back his lost ring from a bird!