Kid playing game

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Please forward this error screen to 63. Read on to learn about how to be a SMART gamer. Study the rating of an online game carefully, often they will let you know if it suitable for someone your age. Read the terms and conditions of the sites that you use and check if there are special safety features for kids. Set-up your user profile to include appropriate language and game content for someone your age. Make sure your parents or carers know your gamertag and how to access your online account so they can help you if something goes wrong. Nasty Gamers Some users of games are just on the look out to spoil other gamers’ days.

Visit the Net Nasties area to learn more about troubleshooting. Create a family email address for signing up for online games. Games consoles Your Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii could be subject to online invaders! Make sure your parent or carer checks security settings on your console before you go online. Wireless access Before you jump on just any wireless connection with your PSP or DS, make sure you know the network is safe and you’ve checked with an adult. The same goes for games on your mobile.