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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The Boston mayoral shelter is a pre-War location in 2287, created to shelter the mayor of Boston and his family from the nuclear strike in 2077. The entrance to the shelter consists of a bunker and a control room to the immediate north of the bunker. In front of the bunker is a digger with a door lying in front of it, linked to its bucket by cables.

This used to be the door to the bunker but was pulled off by the angry mob trying to get in. The bunker entrance has many skeletons in it, with two that appear to have been guards and the rest possibly part of the mob. The shelter itself consists of multiple layers including a gym, sleeping quarters, and a maintenance room with a crafting bench and armor crafting station. Initially, the door will be locked and the Sole Survivor must activate an unlocked terminal in the nearby control room.

While in the bunker, several holodisks can be found documenting the stay in the bunker itself. From the moment they entered the bunker, the mayor and his wife address their concerns about the food stock and whether they would be able to survive the initial eighty days after the bombs dropped. It is made apparent to the Sole Survivor that the mayor was extremely corrupt. As the player character goes further down into the structure, there are holotapes confirming that he had constructed a luxurious nuclear shelter at the tax payers’ expense, answering to his wife’s every demand, such as a minibar, a fireplace, a home theater and even a full-sized gym, while many people were simply left for dead outside. There is a button upstairs in the gym that unlocks a shortcut back to the entrance.