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As you can imagine, it takes attentive consideration to pick our 50 Scholar Athlete semi-finalists from such a large and competitive pool. We’re working hard to select our kids foot locker online quickly and carefully. We’ll announce the winners in Spring 2018.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Foot Locker Scholar Athlete winners. 20,000 for demonstrating excellence in school, on their sports team, and in their communities. Acacia has been part of her varsity crew team for four years, and she made her way up to the varsity soccer team after playing junior varsity soccer for two years. World Leadership Congress held in Chicago. He qualified to compete in the FL X-Country South Regional, but was injured and didn’t compete.

Theo was the first person in his school’s history to go to nationals. He was elected team captain and led his cross country teammates to the state championships. In addition to his excellence on the field, Sydney’s community involvement is truly impressive. He extends his skills to coach for a youth football league that emphasizes not only sportsmanship but also education. A once powerhouse wrestler and swimmer, Saul has really had to overcome great odds. Throughout his life Saul has suffered from epilepsy, that as of recently, prevented him from his passion: wrestling. He has had seizures since eighth grade, and recently this increased to 20 in a week.

Despite the extreme challenges his family faced during the recession, Ryan was able to maintain an unweighted 4. 0 GPA and achieved a near perfect score on his SAT, 1500 out of 1600. While also excelling in academics, Ryan shined in sports. She has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people suffering from addiction, suicide, and other conditions, and to remove the social stigmas around mental health issues. She was the first in her family to be born in the US, and will be the second in her family to go to college.

She plans to attend George Mason University in the fall. In the largest school in South Carolina, he is ranked number six. She also placed third this year in her tennis league and went to the tennis division finals. He struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts after his father lost his job during the recession. Jalen was the first girl to qualify for her state track meet in a sprint, a hurdle, a throw, and a jump. He was nominated as a Wish Kid for the CNY Make-A-Wish foundation, and he asked for a new baseball field for his school, dedicated to his baseball coach. Emily has been a vital member of her team despite being home-schooled and not having time with her teammates in classes and around school.