Kids foot sizes

A shoe fluoroscope displayed at the US National Museum of Health and Medicine. This machine was manufactured by Adrian Shoe Fitter, Inc. 1938 and kids foot sizes in a Washington, D.

There are multiple claims for the invention of the shoe-fitting fluoroscope. Jacob Lowe who demonstrated a modified medical device at shoe retailer conventions in 1920 in Boston and in 1921 in Milwaukee. The X-ray Shoe Fitter Corporation of Milwaukee and Pedoscope Company became the largest manufacturers of shoe-fitting fluoroscopes in the world. The risk of radiation burns to extremities were known since Wilhelm Röntgen’s 1895 experiment, but this was a short-term effect with early warning from erythema. Large variations in dose were possible depending on the machine design, displacement of the shielding materials, and the time and frequency of use. Although most of the dose was directed at the feet, a substantial amount would scatter or leak in all directions.