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Vault 81 is a fallout shelter developed by Vault-Tec, located in the Commonwealth in 2287. Vault 81 is unlike almost any other known vault in the Commonwealth, in that it still contains sane and active dwellers. After a simple quest requiring either three fusion cores or a successful speech check, the Sole Survivor can gain entrance and meet the vault dwellers. Vault-Tec created Vault 81 with the purpose of developing a single, universal cure for every sickness that humanity could possibly suffer from, using the residents as human test subjects. Olivette was skeptical of Vault-Tec’s goal and possible use of human experimentation. She planned to blow the whistle if it was found to be unethical. However when she received her full briefing she found out the true nature of the experiment she also discovered that Vault-Tec had major backers in the federal government, rendering blowing the whistle as moot.