Kids foots

Please forward this error screen to 182. 7million into subsidising bars and restaurants at the House of Commons last year. 200,000 compared to the kids foots 12 months. The 8 per cent increase is likely to fuel anger about the continuing scale of the cash injection.

But the Commons authorities blamed the EU referendum, rising inflation, and the Westminster terror attack. One of the most controversial elements of the catering at the House is that alcohol prices are kept artificially low. In April this year the cost of a pint of beer at the Commons bars was nudged up by just 1. 35 – well below the 2. 7 per cent CPI inflation rate at the time.

The drinks prices on the estate are significantly lower than those charged in pubs and bars in the rest of Westminster, partly because they are benchmarked against hostelries in less expensive parts of the country. The prices are also cheaper in areas where only MPs are allowed than other parts of the estate which are also accessible to rank-and-file staff. Speaker John Bercow has previously conceded that there are concerns about the drinking culture on the parliamentary estate. Former MP Eric Joyce was convicted of assaulting a fellow politician during a brawl in Strangers’ Bar in 2012, while another ex-member, Mark Reckless, confessed to missing a late-night parliamentary vote in 2010 because he was too drunk. Dr Sarah Wollaston, Totnes MP and now health select committee chair, warned in 2011 that some of her colleagues were drinking ‘really quite heavily’.