Kids games starfall

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Kids who love Math will love playing learning games by Starfall. Games we include: These games teach valuable skills and have a high fun and educational rating. Your child enhances his or her addition skills by solving math problems on a fun animated calculator machine. Your child gains division skills by solving division and fraction problems on a fun animated pizza. Your child develops multiplication skills by solving multiplication problems on this fun, animated interface. Your child develops his or her subtraction skills by solving subtraction problem while bowling. Your child develops reading skills while helping keep the environment clean.

Your child develops literacy skills and an understanding of time and the days of the week by reading and following the directions to create a calendar for the current month. Your child develops shape and color recognition as well as literacy skills by decorating the gingerbread man and following along with the short story. Your child will learn to identify and distinguish different geometrical shapes by choosing the correct shapes to get through the maze. Put your reflexes to the test with this fun recycling game for kids. Sort items for recycling, compost and trash as fast as you can by catching them in the correct collection bin and unloading them when they get full.