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I kids in distress preschool everyone knew I was lying. But my parents said, ‘You’re doing fine. And everyone was saying how proud they were of me.

2,3 It lasted for six years — the longest US criminal trial in history. 15 million, it was also the most expensive. The main evidence of abuse was based on what the children testimony. That involved memories of repeated, sadistic, ritual molestation. The hoax adversely affected the lives of hundreds of children, who are now adults. It became the most famous MVMO case of its type. Buckey’s son, Ray, was a part-time school-aide at the school.

On 1983-AUG-12, Judy Johnson complained to the police that her son had been molested by Ray at the school. Johnson was allegedly an alcoholic and had been diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia. The letter specified that Ray may have forced the children to engage in oral sex, fondling of genitals, buttocks or chest area and sodomy”. The parents were urged to question their children, seeking confirmation.

The community and surrounding area was panicked by an irresponsible media. In 2002-MAY, the Morning Call newspaper of Allentown, PA interviewed Paul Eberle. Eberle said rallies linked to the church demanded that “Ray must die! The Church was marching with the accusers, and anybody with an ounce of brains knew these people were innocent. The church was very accommodating with the lynch mob. Looking back at this case from three decades after the panic, my personal opinion is that the Catholic and other religious groups did not play a major direct role in the propogation of this panic. Religious gatherings probably did play an indirect role by bringing parents together where they could share stories and spread the panic.

By the spring of 1984, 360 kids had been diagnosed as having been abused. Medical exams were conducted on 150 children. There was a complete lack of the type of physical evidence that is normally seen with sexually abused children. However, the doctor performed some new tests which have since been shown to be useless as a predictor of abuse.

The whole town, particularly the parents of the allegedly abused children, went ballistic. Stories of child abuse included other locations, including St. Cross Episcopal Church in Hermosa Beach, CA and 8 other Manhattan Beach schools. Teachers at the schools were said to belong to a Satanic cult and a child pornography ring. Ray Buckey who was dressed as a police officer, fireman, clown or Santa Claus. Were forced to ride naked on a horse. Satanic rituals, including ritual murder of infants and drinking of baby’s blood.

Palm Springs either in an airplane or hot air balloon, sexually abused and returned. The book’s authors attended the court sessions lasting over many years, and concluded that there was no case against the accused. Are parents turning their kids into whiny weaklings by overconsoling them? A few weeks ago, my 5-year-old stubbed his toe for the billionth time, then began to cry inconsolably. While he bawled for a full half-hour—not exaggerating—I alternated between reassuring him, second-guessing whether I was over-reassuring him, and wondering whether he actually broke his toe. But the experience made me wonder about the best way to respond to a child’s incessant wails over a minor boo-boo.