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Check out these articles written specifically for you to help you love and lead your family well. Treat your family to these fun pastimes and enjoy your time together. Men, we kids jokes of the day the power to beat the statistics. Read on to learn how you can do that.

Coordinate the details in your life more efficiently with this advice. Spring Jokes for Kids There is nothing sweeter than the laughter of a child. Making our kids laugh creates memories and enables us to connect more easily. As spring and new life are in full bloom, we put together some seasonal jokes to tell your kids to add laughter to the mix.

They may be a bit corny, but kids will love them. Kids How excited was the gardener about spring? So excited he wet his plants. When do monkeys fall from the sky?

What season is it best to go on a trampoline? What do you call a rabbit with flees? What goes up when the rain goes down? What month of the year is the shortest?

Name a bow that can’t be tied. What’s Irish and comes out in Spring? Where will you be in five years? Why did Cinderella get kicked off the baseball team? She always ran away from the ball. You’d be mad too if someone stole your honey and nectar.

If you named your son Dale Jr. Mayonnaise a lot of people here tonight. Aorta cut that grass down by the ball fields. My wife ate 2 hamburgers, initiate a bag of potato chips.

Hey you didn’t bring your truck whitchididja? Sound Off What are some of your favorite jokes? BJ Foster is the Director of Content Creation for All Pro Dad and a married father of two. Huddle Up Question Huddle up with your kids and tell them some jokes.

To say that my son loves jokes would be an understatement. I’m constantly on the lookout for more kid appropriate jokes to spare me from hearing the same ones over and over. So I thought I’d share some of the ones that make us giggle. I’ve also asked several amazing bloggers about their kid-tested favorites and I’ve included them at the end of this post. I hope your family gets a laugh, and a knee slap, out of them too! Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide. What do you call a pig that knows karate? Why do bees have sticky hair? Why was the man running around his bed? He wanted to catch up on his sleep. What does a robot frog say? Why is 6 afraid of 7?