Kids laptop learning

We have come a long way from coloring pages and Lincoln Logs. Kids toys are becoming as high-tech as the gadgets we carry. And, toy expos only confirm that kids laptop learning trend is here to stay. But is it safe for a preschooler to use your laptop?

Kids can spell disaster for your expensive laptops. So, how do you offer them a learning experience? Well, this is where toy laptops come in. Toy laptops are fun, educational and reasonably priced. Yes, they cannot offer a real computer experience, unless otherwise specified, but are good enough for kids. And, the market is flooded with battery-operated laptop toys, with different features to entertain the children.

But, the best learning laptops provide much more than entertainment. So Momjunction has rounded up 25 of the best educational toy laptops for your little learner. Have a look at our collection of laptop toys for kids of all ages here! Your child will squeal with delight seeing a laptop just like Mom and Dad. VTech Brilliant Creations Advanced Notebook has a 4. LCD screen with high-quality animations, animations, mouse, touchpad and 120 learning activities to give your child a head start with the all the skills required in school. It has a working mouse and a QWERTY that emulates the keyboard of a real computer to give your kid authentic computer experience.

This children’s notebook is perfect for children aged 5 to 8 years. Here’s a kid-friendly laptop that will let your children play while exploring music, alphabet, music, pretend play and computer literacy with its six learning activity stations. The learning modes of the laptop include Messages, Music, Games and Alphabets. He can send and receive pretend emails, learn the names of the letters and animals and sing along with the 16 songs and melodies. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop is an electronic toy designed to introduce computer play to the tiny tots. It has three modes of play, which teaches feeling, music, shapes, familiar object and feeling to the toddlers.

In the learning mode, your baby has to press the shape button to hear it identified with a similar sound. In the music mode, your child will get to hear a variety of cheerful melodies. The chunky keyboard keys and a movable mouse make this cute toy look like a real laptop. This laptop is intended for babies and toddler from 6 months to three years of age. This baby laptop toy also shuts down automatically after 30 seconds without input to preserve the battery life. Fisher- Price understands that babies develop at their own pace. So it has incorporated Smart Stages technology that gives the parents an opportunity to select the stage that is best for the child.