Kids lunchbox recipes

47 0 0 0 13 6. Whether packed in a lunchbox or served as a quick dinner, these recipes take tried-and-true sandwiches kids lunchbox recipes give them a kid-approved twist!

So we took classic sandwiches and swapped out plain-Jane bread for bagels, tortillas, even waffles. See the top picks from our panel of kid judges, and serve one of their favorites to your kids today! Add fresh veggies to your traditional turkey wrap for a more nutritious lunchbox staple. Before last night’s chicken gets pushed to the back of the fridge, use your leftovers in our deluxe version of a BLT. Of course, these roll-ups are perfect for dinner, but you can also serve them as a hearty after-school snack.

Instead of pouring syrup over your waffles, use them to make a sweet and savory sandwich. With just five ingredients, this recipe is easy for you to prepare, and, according to our kid judge Amanda, would also be good for breakfast. Horseradish is the secret ingredient that spices up these make-ahead wraps. Pack them for a family picnic or cut into smaller bites for a block-party appetizer. It was sort of slimy, but I liked it! To make these peanut butter sandwiches easy for little hands to hold, we used mini bagels.