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Please forward kids lunches nz error screen to 209. Drexels is a Christchurch breakfast institution and go-to lunch destination. We’re now back and better than ever in our newly reburbished restaurant in the heart of Riccarton’s shopping district!

86 From day one kiwis have embraced what was then a revolutionary concept- breakfast dining. From the made on the premises Hash Browns, through to the lusciously thick Iowa Pancakes and the to die for Eggs Benedict, our loyal customers just can’t get enough! With more than ten million breakfasts served to their devoted customers, what is it that makes Drexels such an iconic part of the Christchurch dining market? Come and discover for yourself why Drexels has been an essential start to a Christchurch day for over 30 years. Old favourites and some tasty new treats to try Our refurbished menus!

The all-new Drexels refurbishment, rebrand and menu update dropped recently to an amazing response. In just 10 days we completely transformed the restaurant with a new welcoming, ‘good morning’ vibe to match our warm, comfy breakfast fare. Come and see what the buzz is all about! We’re looking forward to showing you around the new space as well as serving you the same delicious food you’ve come to expect from Drexels Breakfast Restaurant. If you’re visiting Christchurch or simply a rare local who’s never experienced our american diner style restaurant before, your tastebuds are in for some TLC! We’re located along Rotherham Street in the bustling shopping district of Riccarton. A few mins walk from Westgate Mall and a five minute drive from the Christchurch CBD, you’re closer than you think to enjoying one of the best breakfast, brunch or lunches this side of the South Pacific.

NZ needs our Help Why Recycle? Teachers, children, and parents can have fun learning about how recycling improves the environment and provides a path to sustainable living. This section of our website is designed for school children, teachers, and parents. Here you will find downloadable stickers and posters, various teaching aids, and some neat videos that we have selected for youth learning. Once approved by us, you can upload your own recycling videos here to share with other children.

Use our Contact Form to get in touch if you would like anything else adding to this page. In the video section below there is a simple online quiz that will tell you if you get some answers wrong, so you can try again. Scroll down, just watch the quick clip from The Erin Simpson Show for all the hints you need for the quiz, get the answer right and be in the draw to win a cool prize. Six winners will be drawn each month. If you want a test questionnaire loaded for your school, so the results are collected for you to mark, please request this using our Contact Form. There are some additional websites that you might like to check out on our Great Kiwi Recycling page. Click this link for some additional resources, like recipe ideas for wrap free lunches, and many other fun things that Kiwis are getting involved in!

Neat posters for you use around your school. You can print them as A3 or A4. Here you will find some basic hints and tips for making your own worm farm, as well as how to manage it, and where you can buy one from if you’d prefer not to make one. This is an excellent classroom manual packed full of great ideas for composting in schools. Families might also find much of what is in these pages very useful for keeping the kids busy during the holidays. It provides useful guidelines for schools and teachers who want to integrate waste management education into their curriculum.

Have a go finding these 20 recycling words in this fun word find. Give this fun, but challenging word find puzzle a go and try to find all 30 words. The 10 clues of this quick cross word should help you figure out the recycling terms quite easily. Give this recycling crossword a go! There are 19 questions, some are easy, some are hard. You can download this picture and print it in A3 or A4 for some colouring-in fun. These children are from all over the world and are committed to recycling just like you are.