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How much would the world benefit if we could find out, and get those kids training from the best educators on the on the planet? Those are the question that Brilliant, a startup in Palo Alto, California, wants to find answers to. Khim says her company’s mission is to find “underserved” geniuses around the world, and help provide them with an education by introducing to top educators and educational institutions. Brilliant is finding these kids with a website, Brilliant. So far, 70,000 people from 155 countries have taken part in Brilliant. Already, some incredible people have come to light.

10 smartest kids it has ever encountered. Khim and her colleagues Bradan Litzinger and Molly Turner found nine, and included one more discovered through other channels. Brilliant then reached out to the parents of these children and got their permission to tell their stories. A 15-year old high school junior, Phoebe Cai is already engaged in research at a collegiate level, assisting in the data analysis of a research project at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School.