Kids teaching resources

Enter the terms you wish to search for. In this section you will find lesson plans, activities, stories, poems, songs and CLIL activities for teachers of young learners in the primary kids teaching resources. This lesson plan for young learners looks at the flowers, plants and animals that can be seen in spring.

December solstice, which occurs on 21 December. The United Nations has declared that 20 November is the International Day of the Child. This lesson for World Food Day looks at the issue of world hunger. In this lesson learners work together to create a class tree display. Celebrate the International Day of Friendship on 30 July, or just celebrate friendship with this lesson for primary learners! This lesson plan for primary learners is about life under the sea. This lesson plan for primary learners looks at the life cycle of flowering plants.

In this lesson children learn about Chinese New Year customs. In this lesson children practise Christmas words with flashcards and online games. This lesson plan for primary learners is about teachers and is ideal for celebrating World Teachers’ Day on 5 October. This lesson plan for primary learners aged 8-10 helps develop confidence in speaking skills. This is a series of extension activities to be used alongside our Shakespeare lesson plans for kids.

In this lesson, learners will be introduced to the life of William Shakespeare and some of his achievements through a short animated video. This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop learners’ vocabulary. With very young learners much of what they do in the classroom revolves around them. An old lady who swallowed a fly’.

Once it starts to get warm you can easily start to talk about holidays and possible destinations with your young learners. Coming into a primary English lesson should always be about having fun. This is a good activity for restless younger classes. This childhood board game can easily be adapted for use in the language classroom.

This is a little game I have used to help students with their listening practice and it develops pronunciation awareness. This is a game that practises vocabulary and speaking skills in the context of buying and selling. This lesson is based around the calendar and helping students to use dates. This is a great activity to get students moving about and practise some vocabulary or sentence structures. The Chinese New Year is one of the many colourful events celebrated in our multicultural calendar.

In this lesson, children practise Christmas words with flashcard activities and games. These are some games which we associate with parties and Christmas celebrations in UK schools. These games involve the learners sitting in a circle and working as a whole class. Circle games are a great way to encourage the whole class to work together. They also provide an often welcome change in working pattern.