Kids train sets motorized

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Well my layout is standard gauge, ‘O’ Scale and three-rail – but, with the latest sound equiped engines, it also goes ‘Choo-Choo’. It’s O gauge or No gauge. 1950 Christmas No surviving photos of this Christmas but my father told me that he first bought me a train set when I was 2 years old in 1950. I have very early memories of this train running around a loop of track under the Christmas tree. The 2046 was classifed as an 027 locomotive by Lionel but I always had O gauge track.

2046 years of production were 1950-51 and 1953. Mine was an early production version with three windows madeĀ from 1950 to 1951. I had a 1033 transformer and a UCS uncoupling track. Though you can’t tell from this Christmas 1956 photo, I just received a Lionel 3356 Horse Car and Corral and a 3662 Operating Milk Car. The Horse car was new for 1956, the Milk car had been cataloged since 1955.

I remember going to Sol’s Store in Aliquippa before Christmas and seeing those two cars. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted Santa to get me. My mother said – we’ll just see which one he brings. There were no train tracks under the tree so I must have had a layout on a sheet of plywood by this time. I don’t recall what the gift was – some kind of toy. I guess he wanted to make it up to me so he took me to a hardware store in Monaca, PA. It might have been Balamut Electric Shop at 1213 Pennsylvania Ave in Monaca.